The Mediterranean Diet


The Do’s, Don’t’s and Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet


What is The Mediterranean Diet and what are the do’s, don’t’s and benefits of the system.  The Mediterranean Diet has its roots in the countries that border the Mediterranean Sea, specifically Italy, Greece, Spain and Moracco. More of a lifestyle than a diet it revolves around the importance of everyday meals, daily exercise and core values which include interaction with family, friends, community, and play time.  Let’s break it down.


* Include fruits ,especially berries and citrus fruits, in your diet every day

* Include vegetables of all kinds in your diet every day

* Include legumes like beans, soy and peas in your everyday diet

* Include grains like whole wheat and fiber products in your diet

* Include nuts especially walnuts and almonds in your diet

* drink lots of fluids, especially water

* Use olive oil for cooking and drizzling on salads

* Eat fish and poultry twice a week

* Use alcohol in moderation, but do include a glass of red wine daily.

* Include herbs and spices to substitute for salt

* Work hard, exercise a few days a week but be certain to enjoy your free time


* Include saturated fats like butter, meats and eggs in your diet

* Include sugars and sweets in your diet

* Include red meats in your diet

* Include too much dairy into your diet

* Include deli and cured meats in your diet

Benefits (from a Mayo Clinic report):

* Reduced risk of heart disease

* Reduced incidence of cancer

* Reduced incidence of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

* Aid in weight loss

* Helps maintain a positive attitude

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