Thank you for stopping by and visiting Gracie’s Ravioli.  We love Italian foods,wines and all things Italian.  We want to share that passion with you our friends and fellow food and wine lovers.

We do feel it is important for you to understand a few things on how we operate.

It is required by law that I disclose any relationship I have with any product we review here at Gracie’s Ravioli. You can assume, there is a good chance I am being compensated.

The most common ways I get paid on this site is through an affiliated relationship with a seller. When a visitor clicks on a link in an article and is taken to a retail site, there is a strong possibility I receive a small fee either through commission or for sending you to the site.

Please realize that this is not always the case.  If we try a product and absolutely love it but cannot find an affiliate that handles it, we will recommend an online provider that does.  If we discover the product is available at a great price but we don’t have a relationship with the seller, we will lead you to the best price.  It is the love of the Italian lifestyle that motivates us the most.

It’s important for you as a consumer however to understand the relationship between a person reviewing a product and the end line seller.

Thank you and please enjoy the site


Disclosure — 2 Comments

  1. Mike, I first stumbled upon Gracie’s Ravioli when I signed up for the South Nyack Ten Miler in 2009, and I always loved your food. Did you ever consider opening a catering operation? Your food was really “high end” and I’m certain you’d find a market for it, even among the folks in Saddle River, Franklin Lakes, Ridgewood, Suffern, et al.

    All the best,
    Jeff Cummins

    • Thanks Jeff,
      The 10 Miler is actually my race. I been the race director for 20 years and this year is our 25 running. Hope to see you there.

      Once we closed the shop I sort of lost my feel for the business. I do love blogging and sharing our stuff inline. be sure to pass the site on to your friends.


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