The Spaghetti Book

“The Spaghetti Book – Gracie’s Guide to Cooking with Long Cut Pasta,” is our latest in the Italian Living Series and will be available at Amazon within the next day or two; but I don’t want you to buy it.

spaghetti book cover 2-27-15That’s right, you heard me, I don’t want to buy my book; just yet that is.  You see, I’m releasing the eBook a few days ahead (actually 9 days) of the planned date of March 15th. This helps me iron out any formatting issues or Amazon problems that always seem to pop up with eBook releases these days.

The book will be available for its regular $5.99 price until the 15th and 16th of March, when you can get it for FREE.  Yup, FREE.  After the two day free promotion, the book will be discounted for two weeks at $1.99

This gives you, my readers and friends, an opportunity to get the book FREE or at a big discount.  Sometime in early April the book will return to the full $5.99 price.

I’m really sure you will enjoy this eBook and hope after downloading you will return to Amazon Kindle and write a favorable review.

Remember, you can add the Kindle reader app to any device; laptop, android and iPhone, i pads, etc.  You don’t need a Kindle reader to enjoy Kindle eBooks.


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