Mediterranean Breakfast Idea

A Mediterranean Breakfast

Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring when your on a Mediterranean diet.  Try this breakfast pita recipe.

LZ98_001_0022_11DMTry this low calorie breakfast pita that is the ideal way to begin you crazy day.  Sticking to a strict diet can be tough, but by starting the day off with a healthy breakfast you are one step ahead of the game.

Researchers claim that most overweight people either skip breakfast all together or eat very little in the morning.  Having a good breakfast curbs that mid morning hunger, which usually leads to bad eating habits the rest of the day. Continue reading

Here’s What I’m Making for the Big Game

Olive Salad Sandwich – Big Game Party Hit

Don’t know what to bring to your Big Game Party?  Try this Olive Salad Sandwich. 

LZ98_001_0024_11DMEvery year we throw a Super Bowl pot luck party and the food is always over the top.  We usually provide some side dishes, the beverages and the big screen TV.  This year however, I’m putting together a few 2 foot Olive Salad sandwiches, Muffuletta style. Continue reading

Borlotti Beans

What are Borlotti Beans?


Borlotti-beans-255x181When we had our store we sold every Italian food product, from soup to nuts, even Borlotti Beans.  I am sure many of you are asking yourself, “What are Borlotti Beans?”

Very close in shape, size and taste to kidney beans, borlotti’s are very big in many southern regions of Italy.  They are quite meaty, not nearly as sweet as more popular beans and can hold up to some tough recipes.

Very high in protein, these beans are a natural for anyone looking to cut back on the meat intake and a definite if you are following a Mediterranean Diet plan.  I highly recommend them. Continue reading

New Harvest Olive Oil – Oil Verde Novello 2012

New Harvest Olive Oils – Oil Verde Novello 2012

olive oilIf you are are passioante about your olive oil selection as I am than January is a very exciting time of year with the arrival of New Harvest Olive Oils.

One of the great rituals for food-loving Italians is the annual tasting of freshly pressed olive oil. The harvest of green olives right before Christmas ensures this traditional holiday treat.

These New Havest oils usually arrive in the US sometime around the end of December to early January. Now is the time to buy as they quickly sell out.

Thought our affiliate partnership with Cyber Cucina I am happy to offer you, what I consider one of the best New Harvest (or Novello) oil available, Oil Verde Novello. Continue reading

Olives – At the Core of the Mediterranean Diet

Olives – A Mediterranean Dieters Friend


LZ98_001_0011_11DMOlives are at the core of a good Mediterranean Diet.  Not only are they used in the production of Olive Oil, which is the only oil we use for cooking and intensifying meals, but they are a perfect snack or for adding to recipes.  Olives come in many shapes, sizes and taste, and today we’ll take a look at a few varieties we handled at our shop.  We’ll also provide a link as to where you can purchase them as some can be hard to find. Continue reading

The Mediterranean Diet = Weight Loss


Does a Mediterranean Diet really result in weight loss?  I have been asked that question many times by people who seemed to be a little skeptical about how a diet that includes a good dose of foods they love and a distinct Italian flavor can possibility translate into weight loss.  So on January 2nd of this new year (2013) I decided to put myself to the test.  I surely needed to lose a few pounds and also needed to get real in the “practice what you preach” aspect of putting a blog out devoted to this Mediterranean Lifestyle.

So here we are 17 days after my resolution and I have shed a whopping 3.5 pounds.  Not bad, but more importantly is that I feel better, sleeping better and my outlook is definitely better.  Here are some of the things I have incorporated into my daily routine: Continue reading

Gracie’s Sunday Sauce

Gracie’s Sunday Sauce – We Called it Gravy

I could not think of a better way to kick off this blog than by giving you the recipe for my mother’s (Gracie) Sunday Gravy.  She would labor over the sauce each and every Sunday, putting up a huge pot that would suffice not only the Sunday family feast but at least two other weekday meals.  My mother simmered her gravy for hours and always had her meatballs or some other meat cooking and flavoring the final product.

In the recipe below we’re are going to include meatballs and sausage for flavoring, but you can go meatless (Mediterranean style) by adding additional vegetables.  In our next blog post we will give you a step by step guide to great, low-fat meatballs.

Here We Go: Continue reading