The Mediterranean Diet = Weight Loss


Does a Mediterranean Diet really result in weight loss?  I have been asked that question many times by people who seemed to be a little skeptical about how a diet that includes a good dose of foods they love and a distinct Italian flavor can possibility translate into weight loss.  So on January 2nd of this new year (2013) I decided to put myself to the test.  I surely needed to lose a few pounds and also needed to get real in the “practice what you preach” aspect of putting a blog out devoted to this Mediterranean Lifestyle.

So here we are 17 days after my resolution and I have shed a whopping 3.5 pounds.  Not bad, but more importantly is that I feel better, sleeping better and my outlook is definitely better.  Here are some of the things I have incorporated into my daily routine:

  • Some kind of movement exercise at least 3 days a week.  I use to be a runner, but have lost my motivation for running, but not for being outdoors.  At least 3 days a week I am, and plan on continuing, enjoying a brisk 3 mile walk.
  • Substitute good stuff for bad stuff.  Olive oil instead of butter, fruits instead of sweets and fish instead of red meat.  The list continues, whole wheat instead of white bread, almonds and walnuts instead of M&Ms and herbs and spices in cooking instead of salt.  You get the picture.
  •  Everything in moderation.  Case in point.  I love a good glass of wine, in fact wine is a key ingredient in the Mediterranean Diet, as it is very heart healthy.  Problem is that once I open a bottle, I tended to go back to the well a bit too often.  One glass with the evening meal and a taste before bedtime is more than enough.  Just because you open a bottle doesn’t mean you have to finish it.  In addition, eat smaller portions, and be sure to include vegetables with your meals.

I am not ever going to suggest that you follow a strict diet and give up many of the foods you love.  In fact I plan on enjoying meat 3 to 4 times a month.  What I will suggest here, and in future post, is that you make small changes to you routines.  Slowly add new aspects of the Mediterranean Diet/Lifestyle until you are comfortable with taking the next step.  I am sure you will begin to feel better and even begin see a steady weight loss.

I will keep you posted on my weight loss progress, and hope that you will share with us you successes as well.

Stay Healthy!




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