Over 50 Italian/Mediterranean Healthy Recipes to get you started on a new lifestyle
    Learn how to eat right and feel good
    Lose weight without even trying

What others are saying about “The Mediterranean Diet Recipe Book.”

"What a great deal. I already have Night of the 7 Fishes, and I have ordered both of the others. I'm planning to give the Mediterranean diet a try to lose at least 10 pounds.

I was reading in a magazine the other day about what someone's Italian family used to eat on Sunday afternoons. It was pasta, roast lamb or pork, a platter of broccoli rabe or other green vegetable, a salad, and fruit for dessert.

She said she realized only in adulthood that none of her family was overweight. She believes it was because they ate simple, wholesome food that tasted really good. Nobody had cravings afterwards, nobody felt deprived. It makes sense."



    A humorous look at growing up in a household shared with my Sicilian Grandparents
    60 Recipes that can take you through every day of the week
    Learn Gracie’s secrets for her killer Meatballs and Sunday Sauce
    Learn how to get dinner on the table every night with quick, easy and delicious meals

What others are saying about “7 Days of Italian Cooking.”

"I love Mike and I want more cookbooks!!! These authentic Italian recipes are a rare treat and a true tribute to folk lore, nostalgia, and family. I love cook books that have a personal touch because making food is more than ingredients, it’s about memories and sharing, culture and community. You can taste the love, joy, tears, and life in these recipes.

Thank you Mike for sharing these gifts from your upbringing with us. I look forward to more."



    A glimpse into the Sicilian Christmas Eve Ritual of eating 7 different kinds of seafood
    Learn the origins of the traditional Night of 7 Fishes
    Over 50 seafood and fish recipes that work on Christmas Eve or any night of the week
    We even threw in a few traditional Christmas dessert recipes

What others are saying about “Gracie’s Christmas Eve Recipe Book.”

Author Mike Angarola has written a nifty little cookbook filled with plenty of fish recipes which can be served on Christmas Eve or year-round. Angarola gives a good explanation of the meaning and perhaps the reason for the Night of the Seven Fishes at the beginning of his cookbook Gracie's Christmas Eve Recipe Book - Night of the Seven Fishes.

There is an active table of contents making navigation easy. Some of the recipes you will find in this delightful cookbook include:

Sole Stuffed with Crab Meat
Tuna Sauce and Pasta
Swordfish Roulades
Honey Balls
Christmas Butter Cookies




Mike also publishes a weekly blog site dedicated to the Italian or Mediterranean lifestyle. Please stop by www.GraciesRavioli.com and check out his latest wine recommendations, recipes or tips on eating healthy Mediterranean foods.

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