Gracie’s Italian Living Series to Benefit “Taste and See”

I am very pleased to be partnering with “Taste and See,” a non-profit organization based in The Bronx, NY. Their mission is to help feed the homeless and less fortunate in our region.

Last October after Hurricane Sandy hit our area, volunteers and staff from Taste and See worked tirelessly day after day reaching out to communities devastated by the storm. They used all their resources to insure that food, water and supplies were made available in areas hardest hit. This they accomplished while continuing their programs of support to the needy and homeless.

Due to this increase in activity their resources have been stretched. So it is to that end that the Grace’s Italian Living Series and the Gracie’s Cares Program is Partnering with Taste and See.

During the month of July a percentage of eBook sales from the series will be donated to Taste and See. My goal is to raise $1,000, but I need your help. In order to accomplish this I need to sell 2,500 eBooks.  I know many of you have already purchased books in the series, so here is what I ask:

  • Help spread the word, by forwarding this email to your friends
  • Share this information on whatever social network (FB, Twitter, etc) you’re comfortable with
  • Pick up a copy of an eBook in the series you may not have purchased yet.

The link provided on this page will bring you to a site where ordering the eBooks is just a click of the mouse away. Order one, two or all three and help me make a difference by supporting “Taste and See.”

Click HERE for Our Order Page


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