Celebrating Spanish Foods

Spain – Leading the Way with Mediterranean Foods

LZ98_001_0015_11DMIn today’s blog we are going to take a quick peek into the Spanish culture and the foods that make up this Mediterranean nation.  We are also delighted to introduce you to our latest affiliated partner La Tienda.  Click Here to Visit La Tienda!

Spanish foods are heavily influenced by seafood available from the waters that surround the country, and reflects the country’s marine culture. Spanish food is also  a combination of the many cultures that have inhabited the country leading to many unique  taste and flavors.   Noted for its health benefits, Spain is consider the leading nation influencing the Mediterranean diet.

In the northern and western regions of the Spanish Peninsula, animal fats play a huge part of the diet, whereas it is in the southern regions that the Mediterranean Diet seemed to have found its roots.  Beans, vegetables, seafood, olives and olive oils are all found in abundance in the southern parts of the country.

Very few of the recipes that come out of Spain can be attributed to one region or another, but the differences between the Northern and Southern parts of the country are profound.  It is to the southern regions that we find food and recipes that fit within the Mediterranean diet plan.

There are many recipes based on beans, chickpeas, lentils and green beans.  Seafood, rice and grains also play a vital role in the diet.  Of course poultry is a huge part of the diet and some of the finest olives and olive oils are found in Spain.

A  Spanish dish from the Basque region called Pincho consists of  a small slice of bread upon which an ingredient or mixture of ingredients is put and held there using a stick. The common ingredients are fish such as hake, cod, anchovy, and baby eels ;tortilla de patatas; stuffed peppers; and croquettes, offer a clear look into the areas diet.

Spanish wines are found in nearly every region and have grown in popularity in recent years.  Be sure to see a quick reference to Spanish wines at www.GraciesItalianWineReview.com posted this week.

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