Can A Good Wine Glass Make a Difference in a Wine’s Taste?

This post is reprinted from Gracie’s Product Review.  Good news is we found a better price on the 6 pack of Bormioli-Rocco Bordeaux glasses.  Click below.


A good wine glass can make a difference in how your wine taste and aerates.  Don’t settle for just any glass, read our review of the Bormioli-Rocco Bordeaux Wine Glass and step up your wine enjoyment this Holiday season.

So about 10 years ago I turned into a wine snob.  I can remember the exact wine that did it to me, a 1997 Amarone produced by Allegrini.  The rich texture, and hints of chocolate and coffee combined with an earthiness that totally blew me away.


That night we were dinner guests with an old friend that had a huge collection of fine wines and he loved to share them.  My wife and I always enjoyed a glass of wine in the evening but never at this level.

That night I also got an education on how to really enjoy wine right down to the glass.  The Amarone was served in Bormioli-Rocco Bordeaux wine glasses.  I ordered a six pack of these the next day.

Craftsmen of fine glassware since 1825, Bormioli Rocco formulates superior glass to create exceptional serveware for restaurant and home use. Continuous investment in research, development and state-of-the-art technology preserves Bormioli’s prominence in the industry.

A huge benefit to the Bormioli-Rocco Bordeaux wine glasses is the fact that they are designed  to release the rich aroma and intrinsic value of red wines.  They are made of professional quality and are also lead free.  Here are some additional feature as stated by the manufacturer:

  • Exceptional brightness and clarity exclusive to Bormioli glassware

  • Designed to exact standards, with the height and rounded bowl to direct the flow and natural aeration

  • Bordeaux wine glasses release the rich aroma and intrinsic value of red wine

  • Sparkling qualities of crystal with the durabilityxxx for everyday use

  • Smooth-defined rim with easy-hold stem and stable base for the perfect weight, height and balance

  • Professional quality, beautifully resonant in sound

  • Lead-free

  • Bormioli Rocco is the world-renowned Italian innovator and manufacturer of glassware that is prized for the aesthetic value, design and functionality

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Wine glasses come in many different sizes and length.  I prefer the Bordeaux style glasses mainly do to the fact that they work with the full spectrum of red wines.  Take your wine drinking experience to the next level and discover how the right stemware can provide an enhanced rich aroma with exceptional clarity.


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