Borlotti Beans

What are Borlotti Beans?


Borlotti-beans-255x181When we had our store we sold every Italian food product, from soup to nuts, even Borlotti Beans.  I am sure many of you are asking yourself, “What are Borlotti Beans?”

Very close in shape, size and taste to kidney beans, borlotti’s are very big in many southern regions of Italy.  They are quite meaty, not nearly as sweet as more popular beans and can hold up to some tough recipes.

Very high in protein, these beans are a natural for anyone looking to cut back on the meat intake and a definite if you are following a Mediterranean Diet plan.  I highly recommend them.

One of the real issues with Borlotti’s is that in the US they are pretty hard to find.  Even some of the popular Italian Markets don’t carry them.  Olio&Olive US one of our affiliate partners does carry them.  Click here to order them NOW.

Borlotti Beans are super with pasta, salads, soup or even in a chili.  Below is a link to a recipe we discovered online and made it many times in the store as a winter treat.  Our customers loved and I’m sure you will as well.  The website at the end of the link is a good one to browse around in.



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